About Us

We are the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco. Our goal is to assist our fellow Moroccans with whatever their concerns are whenever they are in the Netherlands. It is also our goal to strengthen our relations with this country through continuous connection and conducting several events that will foster unity.

What We Do

We make sure that we process all of our citizens requests in an orderly manner. We want to be able to deliver a great service that every Moroccan deserves. That’s why, we made sure that our embassy is easily contacted when you have any need form us.

Also, we take pride on our swift action. We don’t want people to wait for the things that they should get right away. That’s why we have a rule that any request must be processed and answered within 48 hours to ensure that we are delivering on the promise that we made to our citizens.

Why We Do It

Service runs naturally to us and we want to make sure that we deliver the best to our people. We are very conscious with our actions that’s why we work hard to make ourselves improve. We do not want to rest on our previous accomplishments but rather, we want the continuous needs and development in citizen’s demands to drive us into achieving better results. We thrive in the service of others that’s why when you get in the consulate, expect that you will only receive the best service from us.