Fun things to do in Amsterdam as a Tourist


Amsterdam is a great city in the Netherlands that is known for its unique charm and welcoming community. It is generally regarded as one of the best cities to visit in Europe because you’ll have a lot of different activities that you can try depending on the things that you like to do. Also, it has activities perfect for you and your family, so you’ll have diverse options that will surely add to the fun of your vacation. We have listed some of our recommended activities that you can try in Amsterdam as a tourist.

Museum Hopping

If you like to explore different work of arts, or you are curious about history, then there is no better activity for you that museum hopping. There are literally thousands of museums across the Netherlands and hundreds are in Amsterdam. You will be treated with amazing work of arts across history and you will get to appreciate some historical ornaments that will make you feel the vibe of the past.

Attend Festivalstour

Also, you will not run out of festivals to attend to. Especially during summer, almost every weekend, you can attend a festival that will surely make you feel young and alive. You can party until you drop with people from all over the world! Just don’t forget to party responsibly.

Join different tours!

Amsterdam is famous for its canals that’s why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to do a canal tour and see the city in another perspective. You will get to appreciate this mode of transportation and way of delivering goods from one part of the city to the other. Enjoy decorating lighting scenic city view on the water. Experience modern city transportation and sail through many bridges and countless canal in Amsterdam. Plus unlimited hop on-off ticket from many websites where they usually buy fast web traffic  and ultimate web traffic to get MaxVisits  from  to attract more on interesting spots, museums where they can increase sell volume, yet you can still get special discount during off-seasonal rate.

You can also join a bike tour so you can explore the city and adjacent countryside farms. Feel the fresh air on your cheeks as you bike around great sceneries. This city is known for its love of bike that you will have to be really careful as there’s a big possibility that you might be hit by a bicycle than a car. But of course, this is a fun activity that you can do with your family!