Tourist Guidelines when Visiting the Netherlands

Most people do not understand that traveling to another country is a privilege. While you may think that it is within your right you go wherever you are, without explicit permission from the host country, you won’t be able to enter anyway. That’s why we have the concept of acquiring visas.


However, this privilege has some guidelines and rules to follow. By not following them, you are giving the host country the right to kick you out, or penalize you according to their laws. That is why, we are working hard to inculcate these guidelines to every tourist who are planning to visit the Netherlands.

Our laws are not the laws of the Netherlands

Do not think that whatever is legal in our country, it is automatically legal in the Netherlands. It does not work that way. That’s why, it will really help if you will ask first whenever you are unsure of things that you will do. Netherlands can be tempting with a lot of freedom it affords its citizens, but they also come with restrictions.

Mind your own thingsbungee

While generally safe, the Netherlands can be quite dangerous because there are also a lot of other people who might take advantage of tourists. Make sure that your passport is secured. If possible, do not bring it with you when you travel around the city because of the risk that you might lose it. The moment you lose it, please do not hesitate to contact us to help you out.

Attend events responsibly

One of the great things about the Netherlands is they never run out of festivals that you can join. However, make sure that you are responsible enough when you attend one of those events. Do not create a scene or start a fight if you don’t want to have a trouble later on.

Enjoy the country

Of course, don’t forget to enjoy! You are a tourist. You are supposed to be out and experiencing things that this country has to offer. There are so many guides online that you can follow to have an absolute blast during your stay here in this country.